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Cookies Policy

  • Cookies – what are they?
    A "Cookie" is a piece of information, like a tag, that's stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit a website. It can help identify your device – like your PC or mobile phone – whenever you visit that website.
    They are used by most major websites. To make the best use of our website, on whichever device you use, you'll need to make sure your web browser is set to accept cookies.

    What are cookies used for?

    We use cookies and some other data stored on your device to:
    give you a better online experience
    allow you to set personal preferences
    protect your security
    measure and improve our service
    work with partners and measure marketing

    So what information is kept by the cookie?
    A cookie will typically hold
    the name of the website that it has come from
    how long the cookie will stay on your computer or phone
    a value – usually a randomly generated unique number

    How long do cookies stay on my computer?

    Session cookies – these only last until you close your browser. They are not stored on your hard drive. They are usually used to track the pages that you visit so that information can be customised for you for that visit

    Persistent cookies – these are stored on your hard drive until you delete them or they reach their expiry date. These may, for example, be used to remember your preferences when you use the site.

    How do cookies affect my privacy?
    You can visit our website without revealing any personal information.
    We protect your personal information very carefully. The security and safety of your personal information is very important to Evolution.
    We may ask you for personal information so you can buy something from our shop, for security reasons or so you can use our services.